Open Source Clouds Comparison: Eucalyptus, OpeNebula and OpenStack

26 February 2015

(Author: Davide Galletti) OSSEval (formerly SOS Open Source) has been used to analyze three different open source cloud solutions, namely Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack, respectively maintained by the homonymous US-based company Eucalyptus recently acquired by HP, the Spanish C12G Labs company and the North-American OpenStack Foundation. »

SOS Open Source is Now Open Source!

11 December 2014

Open Source LogoWe are glad to inform you that the European funded initiative PROSE eventually enhanced the SOS Open Source methodology, re-engineering the tools and making them available to the general public as open source. Now everyone can run an educated open source software procurement process by using SOS Open Source tools and methodology.  »

SOS Open Source Finally Goes Open!

17 October 2014

(Author: Davide Galletti) As promised and announced about one year ago by its author Roberto Galoppini, finally SOS Open Source goes open source. Over the last year the eu-funded initiative PROSE project got SOS Open Source code base and docs, below you find more about what has been done to turn it in OSSEval. »

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