SOS Open Source is Now Open Source!

11 December 2014

Open Source LogoWe are glad to inform you that the European funded initiative PROSE eventually enhanced the SOS Open Source methodology, re-engineering the tools and making them available to the general public as open source. Now everyone can run an educated open source software procurement process by using SOS Open Source tools and methodology. 

PROSE has been looking at a number of methodologies aimed at providing a solution for above mentioned issues, and they decided that SOS Open Source was a very valid starting point to make educated choices. SOS Open Source methodology and tools have been integrated within the under the OSSEval name.

IT Decision Makers now can perform procurement activities by using our methodology at their own premise, at no cost.

Unless you are going for the obvious names or your roots are deep in the open source world – either if you are a user interested in using open source or a maker willing to build software using it – you better take your time to ponder before selecting, and to try before buying or implementing.