BitCoin, Open Source Innovation at Work

13 January 2014

(Author: Davide Galletti)
BitCoin is a peer-to-peer payment network powered by an open source protocol implementing a triple bookkeping system solving the double-spending problem. The first practical application of BitCoin is actually the bitcoin digital currency itself. BitCoin is a break-through innovation, and its importance is growing exponentially day by day, as you might have noticed reading the news. BitCoin has a dramatic disruptive potential, read below to find out more about how to navigate in this new open source world. »

2013 in Review and the Future Ahead!

1 January 2014

Back in late Q1 I took Sos Open Source has been placed under my direction.

Having been a Sales Specialist in selling IT Education for six years, my first goal was to bring together my professional experience and my understanding of the fascinating open source world together.

What It Takes to Build an Open Source Community

4 December 2013

People often wonder about what it takes to build an open source community. Either if you think that is just about throwing code over the wall or you believe it’s a daunting task, this blog post is for you.

An historical perspective

For an historycal perspective on the matter, a recommended reading is Brian Behlendorf’s “Open Source as a Business Strategy“. Make sure to read the bootstrapping paragraph, it gives you a pretty good understanding of how much effort requires implementing and maintaining an open source strategy. »

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