SOS Open Source

10 June 2010

SOS Open Source – an automated methodology to find and evaluate open source software – gathers and analyzes data about open source projects, providing a synthetic representation of all selected candidates and also a graphical tool to compare them.

The general lack of information about open source alternatives requires the use of ad-hoc methodologies and tools to fastly identify projects matching set quality goals, focusing functional requirements‘ tests only on the most promising candidates.

SOS Open Source using 24 different metrics returns sets of scores grouping together information about code quality and stability, level of adoption in terms of popularity, case-histories references and published books, community size and management style, available training/documentation and commercial support, QA, code evolvability, licensing and more.

SOS Open Source gathers data from directories, forges and meta-forges and creates comprehensive information, using content-specific heuristics to decide for every indicator which is the most trustworthy source of information.