Which Linux Server Distribution?

4 April 2011

We have tried to provide a general guide to choose a Linux (server) distribution, gathering information about both Linux distro built by volunteers (eg.: Debian) and by vendors (Canonical, SUSE, Oracle, Red Hat, and others).

The document – at the moment available only in Italian – is organized as follows:

Linux: a trademark, a kernel, many distributions – some historical background on Linux name and its trademark, and how an elementary kernel in about 20 years gave birth to over 300 distributions.

Who does write Linux, Linus Torvalds? – an overview of who contributes to the development of Linux, , in order to better understand the quality and quantity of contributions made by various players.

Free and Commercial Linux distros: Canonical, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, SUSE, – a comparison of the most popular Linux distributions, providing resources to better understand differences in terms of support, maintenance and cost.

It’s the Open Source, Darling: new service modelsopen source licenses allow anyone to support third parties software, as far as they have the knowledge and the skills required. As a result customers are able to choose among multiple service providers.

For those who have already chosen: portability between distributions – – for those who have already chosen a particular Linux distribution and wants to know if and how they can change.

The SUSE alternative, What has SUSE Enterprise Linux to offer. SUSE has sponsored the research conducted for the preparation of this guide, if you want to read it (in Italian) send us a request.

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